• Vertical&Horizontal centrifuge

    Customized solution system, more efficient and flexible, depending on your requirements

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  • Distillation machine

    Service for your needs
    First stage, second stage, third stage, depending on your requirements

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  • 3-in-1 dryer machine

    Cost-effective solution system
    Automation & modularity design

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    We have professional team, skilled engineers, advanced manufacturing equipment and testing technology. We will try our best to help each customer to achieve your goals.

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Amtech Industrial Solutions Inc. is a company located in Irvine California, with its factory in the famous coastal city of Qingdao, China. Focused on researching, developing, manufacturing and selling of Stainless steel parts and accessories, CBD related machines, Brewery machine and parts, we are a company combining manufacture & sales. Our factory was set up in 2000, about 35 miles away from Qingdao port, with excellent location, convenient transportation. Our factory land covers 720,000 square foot, with total 580 employees.

Why choose us?

  • Customized Design
    Amtech provides customized extraction solutions to customers of HEMP industry, always aiming to enhance each partner's competitiveness, more efficiency, more flexibility, and more safety.
  • Automation-Modularity
    Amtech experts will work closely with every client, to identify their production needs, design, improve, make an ideal automation-modularity cannabis production line happen right away. Optimize capacity, more simplified than ever.
  • Cost-Effective
    By creating extraction-distillation-drying systems, or modularize equipment, specific based on analysis with customers, Amtech can make ideal design for HEMP industry, to save your money while avoiding any hassles that may lower your operation.
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